Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Fifth-Eighth graders at Wooster Christian School recently collaborated on a medieval festival that was presented for parents and elementary students to enjoy.  Collectively, students were asked to brainstorm the different components of a culture that should be studied.  Taking their ideas into consideration, the staff developed focus areas that students could then join.  Each group became responsible for researching a particular topic and preparing a presentation for the festival.  The festival included food, drama, decorations, a village featuring different trades, and a demonstration of medieval weapons.  Students were allowed to use their various gifts and interests to bring the festival to fruition—making costumes, preparing food, and building castles were just some of the opportunities available.

The medieval festival was a project-based learning opportunity that is part of our elective program.  Now that the festival is over, students will have the chance to sign up for elective classes such as stained glass, book club, and history exploration.  Electives meet for the last hour of the day each Friday and generally vary each 9 weeks.