Pioneer Day

Fourth grade teacher Mrs. Kellie Bohley is all about hands-on learning experiences.  On Monday, November 20th, she brought a glimpse of pioneer life to our fourth graders through a fun and educational Pioneer Day. This morning of activities helped wrap up their reading and history study of Little House on the Prairie

Volunteers for the morning's activities included Mrs. Bohley's parents-in-law as well as some parents and grandparents of our fourth graders.  The halls filled with the aroma of baking bread as the participants made bread and rolls from scratch.  Then they played old fashioned games pioneer children might have played.  Students were able to choose between dipping candles or making tin punch ornaments.  They also made beaded bracelets and necklaces.  Butter-making was the final activity before the students had a chance to devour their homemade bread and butter, along with some vegetable beef soup, for lunch.  In the afternoon, they watched a Little House on the Prairie film.

History came alive during Pioneer Day, and we hope our students can now relate to the story of Little House on the Prairie and the pioneer experience a little more vividly!