Student's Create Artwork to Help Flood Victims

At Wooster Christian, we always want to find new ways to teach our students to be "others minded."  Jesus was always looking for ways to serve, not be served--something that we need to consider in our own lives.  With the recent flooding in Louisiana, there are many who are finding themselves in need.  While our students likely can't go and help in a tangible, hands-on way, they have found a way to help through art.  Art teacher, Melody Kirby, had the idea for students to create collaborative artwork that could be auctioned off to raise money for the flood victims.  We will donate the money to Samaritan's Purse, an organization whose values align closely with WCS.

Each grade created a unique, collaborative art masterpiece.  Students were encouraged to write Scripture and/or prayers on the back of their piece of artwork. The pieces were mounted and framed by Mrs. Kirby and are being auctioned off through her art facebook page.

The bidding is live through Friday, Septebmer 9.  Check it out here.