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We are proud of the positive testimonials from our parents!

Parent Testimonials

“My husband and I cannot begin to quantify what a blessing WCS is in the life of our daughter, and praise God for bringing this school into her life. The financial sacrifice pales in comparison to the immeasurable benefits she has received from being in this environment. We could not justify luxuries like cable TV, vacations, and brand name clothing without first factoring her education into our budget, and, if necessary, these things will go long before we stop paying for WCS tuition.”

“No doubt about it, handing our children over to someone else for the first time to attend school can be a scary experience! Thankfully, the nurturing and caring environment from the teachers and staff at Wooster Christian School erased all of those concerns very quickly for us. Our children have received a quality education from teachers who care, along with biblical encouragement to succeed in every area of their lives; spiritually, mentally, physically and socially.

“First and foremost, we thank our Lord and Savior for Wooster Christian School and her staff. We enrolled our son and daughter both in the pre-k program back in 2002 and 2003. We could not see our children anywhere else but here. Rather than list everything that we love about Wooster Christian School, because there is not enough time or space and they are too plentiful, we will list our one and only complaint. There is no 9th - 12th grade. As you can tell, we love Wooster Christian School and would highly recommend the investment. There is no better investment. Dividends are paid out daily and its value compounds year after year.

“We thank our Lord every single day for the blessing of Wooster Christian School. The relationship between our daughter and the teachers and the staff is like nothing we've experienced before. We know our child is loved and that her spiritual and academic future is critical to the entire staff at WCS. We, as parents, have also been blessed with some of the closest friendships we have made with the other parents. It truly is like we're dropping our daughter off with extended family. God has made it financially possible for us to give this incredible gift to our child, even when we didn't think it would be possible.”

“We have 2 nephews and 2 nieces, as well as several friends who have their children in public schools. They are the same age as our children and it is frightening to realize the things that they are hearing and seeing at such a young age, and to see the people they are becoming because of it! We have a common theme in our approach to helping our children, ages 6 and 9, make decisions in their daily lives; we have them ask themselves, ‘Is it God's way or the world's way?’ They could not begin to grasp the difference, nor make the best choice, if the reinforcement of Wooster Christian School were not there when we can't be in school with them.

“WCS has been a wonderful blessing to our family. We have seen our children grow –academically, socially, and definitely spiritually. We believe it is so important that the foundational Christian values that we work to instill in our children be reinforced and supported when they are at school. It is so comforting to know that they are surrounded by a wonderfully talented, caring staff that truly loves the Lord and our children. We have also seen tremendous benefit from our children being surrounded by other kids that come from families with our shared values.”

“My 2 boys both love Wooster Christian School! The teachers are excellent, the music and art programs are superb, and the academics are great. But most importantly, all of this is taught with a biblical perspective in mind. In chapel, our children learn to praise God, and also how to pray for and have compassion for others. What a wonderful foundation to give our kids as we send them out into the world!

“Our experience at Wooster Christian School continues to enrich our children's lives. From the moment they walk in the side door they are greeted with love and kindness. Each day they come home with positive and encouraging stories regarding their academic, spiritual and physical life-- they are having fun AND learning. Thank you, teachers and staff!”